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I.         Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, r or e.


Text 1


Bridge breaks in Central Java, killing 5 people and injuring 29 others

A footbridge packed with tourists broke at a mountainous resort on Java Island Wednesday, killing five people and injuring 29 after they plunged into a rocky riverbed, police and tourist officials said. The victims were evacuated to three nearby hospitals, said Surono, an employee at the Baturaden resort in Central Java province, adding that they fell more than 20 meters (yards) after one of the steel cables holding the small bridge snapped. Local police chief Emron Putra Agung said five people were killed and 29 injured. The accident occurred as the country enjoys a weeklong holiday marking the end of the Islamic month Ramadan, when people traditionally flock to holiday sites. Baturaden, located 300 kilometers (190 miles) east of the capital Jakarta, is one of the most popular resorts on the slopes of Mount Slamet (3,428 meters, 11,246 feet), Java's second-highest peak.


1.       The text tells us about ….

a.       the evacuation of the victims.

b.       the tourist resort in Central Java.

c.        the killing of five visitors in Baturaden.

d.       the accident on the broken bridge in Baturaden.

e.       the popular tourist resort in Central Java.


2.       Some local tourist were killed and injured in Baturaden when ….

a.       they were swimming in the river.

b.       they were enjoying the landscape on the small bridge.

c.        they were in the riverbed.

d.       they were climbing Mount Slamet, Central Java.

e.       they were swinging on the small bridge over the rocky river.


3.       The footbridge in Baturaden broke because ….

a.       it couldn’t afford supporting overload.

b.       it had been too old to walk on.

c.        it had not been used for long time.

d.       it lied on the slope of Mount Slamet.

e.       it was used to evacuate the victims.


4.       Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a.       The broken footbridge killed five visitors.

b.       The accident happened at the end of Ramadhan.

c.        The victims were left behind without relief.

d.       The visitors were killed because of falling into a rocky riverbed.

e.       The bridge broke because of one of the broken steel cables.


5.       …. killing five people and injuring 29 after they plunged into a rocky riverbed,

What is the similar meaning of the words “plunged into”?

a.       fell back                    d. fell on

b.       fell away                   e. fell down

c.        fell off


Text 2


Lapindo Brantas Inc. is dumping contaminated water from the Sidoarjo mudflow disaster directly into the Porong River without treating it first as promised, witnesses claim.

The company has denied it has dumped untreated water into the river.

Witnesses claimed they had seen water from retaining ponds being channeled directly into the river.

The two pipes were connected to the river from one of the ponds near Pejarakan Jabon village. Three pumps have also been installed to distribute water from the pond to the river.

A TV journalist, Medi, said the pipes were set up in Thursday by soldiers from the Kepanjen battalion in Malang. Of the two pipes, only one was operating Friday, he said.

State Minister of Environment Rachmat Witoelar earlier said the water must not be dumped into seas or rivers without being treated.

The ministry earlier said the mud was non-toxic and safe, despite a study published in a government magazine that said the mud contained a number of dangerous chemicals.


6.       What type of text is used by the writer?

a.       report                  d. news item

b.       recount                e. description

c.        narrative


7.       The communicative purpose of this text is….

a.       To describe  a particular accident

b.       To share an amusing incident

c.        To entertain the reader

d.       To inform the reader about the case

e.       To retell for the purpose of informing and entertaining.


8.       What did the company conceal from the local people?

a.       the mudflow dumping into the Porong River.

b.       the water distribution into the pond.

c.        the mud pumping into the gas installation.

d.       the contaminated water channeling into the sea.

e.       the treated water flow into the river.


9.       It has dumped untreated water into the river. ( Paragraph 2)

What does It in the above text refer to….

a.       Lapindo Brantas Inc.  d. Mud

b.       The manager             e.  Witnesses

c.        Government


10.    …. despite a study published in a government magazine that said the mud contained a number of dangerous chemicals.

a.       distributed                   d. broadcasted

b.       circulated                     e. issued

c.        printed



Text 3

Rounded Rectangle: An overseas college requires highly motivated, hard working, professional “FULL TIME” staff for 1. Lecturer of IT 2. Lecturer of Commerce 3. Head of Marketing 4. Head of Master Program Qualifications: - Bachelor of Master Degrees from an overseas university (1-4) - Strong back ground in Programming Techniques, Data structures, Mathematics, and Statistics (1-2) - Minimum 1 year experience (1-4) - Have good contacts with high schools (3) - Prove managerial and leadership skills (3-4) - Fluency in English: spoken & written (1-4) Send your CV and supporting documents to HRD INTI College Fax No. (o21) 565 4790 Before 21 August 2007























11.    What is the text about?

a.       a letter of complaint

b.       a full time occupation

c.        a story of overseas college

d.       as job vacancy advertisement

e.       a hard working and professional workers


12.    “An overseas college requires highly motivated hard working.” The underlined word means ….

a.       needs                     d. trains

b.       offers                      e. educates

c.        employs


13.    Which of the following statement is TRUE according to the text?

a.       We can send our application letter on 27 august 2007

b.       The applicants can apply for all the occupation without experiences

c.        All the occupations need experiences at least twelve months

d.       to apply for head of marketing should be able to speak English

e.       the applicants with 2 years experience cannot apply for the job


Text 4




The government has revised a controversial decree cutting back the airtime for broadcasters to allow radio and pay-TV stations to resume broadcasting 24 hours a day.

The Ministry of Information and Communications issued Decree No. 11/2005 last month obliging all broadcast stations to go off the air from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m., in a bid to save energy amid soaring oil prices that have greatly inflated the government fuel subsidy.

The decree has drawn strong criticism from a number of different parties, with critics calling the decree government intervention in the public’s freedom and right to information.

The new decree, No. 12/ 2005, stipulates that local TV stations will be allowed to stay on the air 24 hours a day in the event of emergency situation, such as natural disasters.

In addition, the new decree also allows local TV stations to air live broadcasts from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. if the stations signed a contract with a third party before the decree was issued.

The new decree will be effective for five months and is subject to revision based on further developments in the county’s energy crisis.

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) said that the decree violated the independence of the media.


14.    The above text is written in ….  

a.       narrative                d. discussion

b.       news item              e. exposition

c.        recount


15.    What does the text tell us about?

a.       The revision of airtime decree

b.       The criticism on the airtime cut of broadcast

c.        The duration of the broadcasting hours

d.       The controversial decree of broadcasting airtime

e.       The radio and pay-TV stations airtime


16.    Why did the decree violate the independence of the media? Because ….

a.       the decree has drawn strong criticism from a number of different parties

b.       the government has interfered with the public’s freedom and right to information

c.        the decree has made the oil price soar greatly

d.       the government has issued decree to save energy

e.       some radio and pay-TV stations have signed contract with a third party


16.    The new decree, No. 12/ 2005, stipulates that local TV stations will be allowed to stay on the air 24 hours a day.

What is the meaning of the underlined word?

a.       specifies                 d. requires

b.       demands                e. insists on

c.        orders


Text 5




SYDNEY:  The number of Australian job advertisements in newspapers and on the internet fell 2.4 percent in June from May but were still up 24.1 percent year-on-year, figures showed on Monday in another sign the economy continues to slow.

The number of jobs advertised in metropolitan newspapers alone dropped 1.9 percent in June to their lowest level since May 2003 and were down 6.1 percent from a year earlier.

Internet ads also declined in June, falling 2.5 percent from May but were still up 30.6 percent year-on-year.

The recent slowing in growth in job advertisements was consistent with cooling domestic economic activity, particularly in housing and retail spending, said ANZ senior economist Tony Pearson. “It suggests the exceptionally strong performance of the labour market over the past half year or so is coming to an end,” Pearson said.


17.     What is the type of the above text?

a.       exposition              d. description

b.       discussion              e. news item

c.        explanation


18.    What is the purpose of the text?

a.       to describe the Australian job ads specifically

b.       to explain how the Australian job ads decrease

c.        to present at least two points of view about the Australian job ads

d.       to inform the readers about the Australian job ads decline

e.       to persuade the readers to learn the Australian job ads fall


19.    The decrease of Australian job ads is caused by …

a.       the figures of job growth

b.       the labour market activity

c.        the metropolitan newspaper circulation

d.       the dull housing and retail business

e.       the internet and newspaper role


20.    Which is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a.       Australian economy slowed gradually.

b.       The fall of job ads was influenced by labour market.

c.        Annual Australian job ads were down.

d.       Australians advertised job vacancy in newspapers and internet.

e.       The lowest decline of job ads happened in May.


21.    …. figures showed on Monday in another sign the economy continues to slow.

The underlined words have synonymous meaning with ….

a.       symptom                d. notice

b.       trace                       e.  indicator

c.        warning


Text 6


GENEVA: global health officials have set out new guidelines governing research on smallpox due to fears that the deadly virus could leak from laboratories or wind up in terrorist hands, UN officials said on Saturday.

National health authorities meeting at the UN’s World Health Assembly approved moves to tightly control research, including a ban on scientists building the virus from scratch using rapidly developing lab technology.

“This sets out the principles by which research will be allowed,” said Ian Simpson, spokesman for the UN World Health Organization (WHO), host to the annual policymaking summit.

Smallpox was declared officially eradicated in 1980 and all known samples either destroyed or sent to WHO-controlled centres in Russia and the United States, where research on vaccines continues.

The new rules explicitly ban laboratories from making smallpox from scratch for fear it could fall into terrorist hands. Scientists will, however, be permitted to create small segments of the virus for research.


22.    What is the type of the text?

a.       recount                   d. description

b.       news item              e. report

c.        narrative


23.    The scientists were frightened with smallpox virus spread because …

a.       it has been officially eradicated in 1980

b.       WHO authorities have set out new guidelines

c.        the new rules ban lab oratories from making smallpox vaccine

d.       it could leak from laboratories or fall into the terrorist hands

e.       WHO has controlled the research on smallpox vaccine


24.    How did the health officials do to control the research on smallpox virus?

a.       They sent them to WHO-controlled centres.

b.       They held the meeting at the UN’s Health Assembly.

c.        They set out new guidelines governing smallpox research.

d.       They banned laboratories from making smallpox.

e.       They permitted scientists to create small segments of the virus for research


Text 7




WASHINGTON, D.C.: Stem cells taken from human embryos were coaxed into becoming motor neurons in an experiment that might one day help scientists repair damaged nervous system, researchers reported on Sunday.

The study supports claims by stem cell researchers that they can train embryonic stem cells to develop on demand into any type of tissue in the body

They hope this technology will eventually transform medicine and allow cures for a range of diseases – in this case, nervous system injuries and diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Su-Chun Zhang and colleagues said their trial and error study helped them learn how motor neuron cells, which are key to the nervous system, develop in the first place.

Writing in the journal Nature Biotechnology, Zhang and colleagues said they delivered a carefully timed cocktail of proteins to their cells to direct their development.





25.    The text tells us about ….

a.       the journal Nature Biotechnology

b.       the nervous system damage

c.        the research on the human embryos

d.       the trial and error study on motor neuron cells

e.       the experiment on nervous system injury medicine


26.    The generic structure of the text above is ….  

a.       goal, materials, steps

b.       newsworthy event, background event, the sources

c.        general statement, explanation

d.       orientation, event, re-orientation

e.       thesis, arguments, recommendation


27.    What did Zhang and his colleagues actually want to develop?

a.       stem cells

b.       medicine for damaged nervous system

c.        tissue in the body

d.       motor neuron cell for nervous system

e.       cocktail of proteins


28.    Stem cells taken from human embryos were coaxed into becoming motor neurons….  

What does the underlined word mean?

a.       manipulated           d. persuaded

b.       forced                     e. consumed

c.        swallowed


Text 8


Around 200 families along the river  banks received a final notice from the municipality on Saturday, warning them to vacate the area within 72 hours. The final notice was signed and … (29) on October, 11. Itr’s said that the eviction is a part of the administration’s … (30) to preserve Jakarta’s green … (31). The land occupied by the fishermen belongs to the Ciliwung-Cisadane flood project.


29.    a.   dated                      d. asked

b.       stated                     e. written

c.        claimed


30.    a.   trials                       d. strength

b.       errors                     e. powers

c.        efforts


31.    a.   lands                      d. soils

b.       places                     e. locations

c.        areas


32.    When I entered the room, everybody stared at me. Perhaps they thought I was a stranger.

We can say:

a.       Everybody stares at me as if I were a stranger

b.       Everybody stares at me as if I was a stranger

c.        Everybody stared at me as if I had been a stranger

d.       I entered the room as if I were a stranger

e.       I entered the room  as if I had been a stranger


33.    John prefers listening to the radio to reading newspaper.

This sentence means that …

a.       Johns always read newspaper.

b.       John seldom listens to the radio.

c.        John likes listening to the radio very much.

d.       John likes reading newspaper very much.

e.       Listening to the radio and reading newspaper are John’s hobbies.


34.    Andi was such a very lazy student that he got low marks.

His parents were very angry with him and said,” …”

a.       If you had studied well, you didn’t get such low marks.

b.       If you studied well, you wouldn’t get such low marks.

c.        If you had studies well, you would have got such low marks.

d.       If you had studied well, you wouldn’t have got such low marks.

e.       If you have studied well, you wouldn’t have got such low marks.


35.    Ann   : Have you finished reading the book?

Bill    : No, I haven’t finished the last chapter.

Ann   : I must return it to the library tomorrow.

Bill    : Don’t worry! I … it by 6.30 tomorrow.

a.       have returned

b.       am returning

c.        will be returning

d.       will have returned

e.       would have returned


36.    Mother       : How was the party last night, Ray?

Ray       : Wonderful, mom. The hall … beautifully.

a.       is decorated            d. was decorating

b.       was decorated        e. is being decorated

c.        is decorating


37.    Dina : I’ve got a terrible toothache.

Rina : Why don’t you see the dentist?

From this expression, we know that Rina …

a.       asks questions        d. gives order

b.       gives advice           e. feels sorry

c.        feels irritated


38.    Father : I have a plan to visit Uncle Bob next Sunday. I think its’ a good idea.

Mother : I think so. What about you, Rudi?

Rudi     : … I can meet many relatives there.

a.       I’m sorry                 d. I am afraid not

b.       I don’t know           e. I’m glad to see you

c.        I’d love to


39.    Yunita   : Would you like to accompany me to attend my neighbor’s party tonight ?

Betty     : …. I have no other plan.

Yunita   : Thanks a lot. See you later. I’ll fetch you at 7. p.m.

a.       That’s a good idea               

b.       Thanks for inviting me but  

c.        I’m very glad to see you      

d.       I don’t think I can

e.       I’d like to very much, but

40.    Mirna   : ... the global information to the people?

Indah    : As far as I am concerned it can influence the people’s way of thinking.

a.       What would  you like to think about

b.       What do you think of

c.        Don’t you think about

d.       How about thinking

e.       Did you understand  


41.    Ida    : Did Susi come to the meeting?

Dewi : Of course, she did.

In the dialogue, Ida asked Dewi …

a.       if Susi came to the meeting

b.       if Dewi comes to the meeting

c.        if she has come to the meeting

d.       whether Susi had come to the meeting

e.       whether Dewi had come to the meeting


42.    Amir : Your car is very dirty. Why don’t you have it …

Joni   : I don’t have a servant and enough time to do it.

a.       wash                      d. washed

b.       to wash                  e. washing

c.        washes


43.    Teacher   : Which boy is your brother?

Andi        : The boy … shirt is green is my brother.

a.       who                        d. whom

b.       whose                    e. where

c.        which


44.    Ridwan    : What makes so many small industries … producing their products?

Ilham      : Well, there are many factors that affect their industry, for example, the inconsistency of the government on the regulation they issued.

a.       stop                        d. stopping

b.       stops                      e. being stopped

c.        stopped


45.    The right order of the following sentences is ….

1.       Like many major cities, however, there are very different sides to London.

2.       Millions of people visit London every year from every corner of the world to sample its culture and heritage.

3.       One of the sides is culturally, socially and financially rich and the other side is very much darker.

4.       As Dickens described how Oliver Twist battled against the London underworld.

5.       London is not only the capital city of England but also one of the great cultural capitals of the world.

a.       5-2-4-3-1                d. 5-2-3-1-4

b.       5-2-1-4-3                 e. 5-2-1-3-4

c.        5-2-4-1-3-










46.    Read the text and answer the questions that follow!




VIENNA : Not only drinking, but also smoking while driving poses greater health and accident risks.

Fiddling with cigarettes and lighters can distract a driver, increasing the chances of an accident. By the same token, cigarette smoke with its carbon monoxide fumes can slow down drivers’ reflexes.

The Austrian motorists federation OAMTC said that in Austria, smoking poses a further risk. If, for example, a driver has an accident while trying to recover a cigarette accidentally dropped on the floor, then his insurance company may not have to cover the damages because the driver was culpable of gross negligence while at the wheel.


a.       What is the Genre of the text above?

b.       What is the social function of the text?

c.        What are the rhetorical steps of the text?

d.       Paragraph two and three are ….

e.       Why smoking is dangerous while we are driving a vehicle?


47.    Read the advertisement and answer the questions that follow!


A fast progressing foreign company is looking for a male or female typist for its branch office in Jakarta.

Applicants should fulfill the following requirements:

1.       Good command of English

2.       Minimum typing speed : 50 words/minute

3.       Education : Diploma

4.       Age : between 22 – 27

Letter with complete resumes and references should be sent to no 1135 DDM.

















a.       Who has a better opportunity to get that position?

b.       What kind of job is offered in this advertisement?

c.        What are the requirements for the position?

d.       What should the applicants insert in their application letters?


48.    Change the following sentences into conditional sentences.


a.       They speak Indonesian to her, not English, so her English doesn’t improve.

b.       I didn’t recognize him at first be cause he was wearing dark glasses.

c.        The fire happens because the children knock the paraffin heater.

d.       I didn’t work hard at school so I didn’t get a good job when I left.


49.    Use causative have, make or let to change the following sentences!


a.       My father permitted him to drive his car because he is old enough and has had a driving license.

b.       The advertisements will usually persuade the people to buy the products.

c.        Do you often asks your brother to help you to do your homework?

d.       Dendy usually orders someone to repaint his room every year.
























































50.    Change the following sentences into reported speech.


a.       “I must hurry. My father is always furious if any of us are late for meal,” she said

b.       Father said to his daughter, “Have you been ready to get married with your chosen boy?”

c.        “What did you miss most when you were in prison?” Mary asked the ex-convict

d.       My mother always warns me,” Please, don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed?”


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